Hennacat Henna and Indigo Supplies Henna for HairSo the kids are back at school, and it’s just a matter of time before that dreaded notice goes up at the school warning all parents to check their children for head lice that are doing the rounds.

Head lice spread fast at school as young children are always having contact with each other. It’s a myth that lice jump from head to head, they don’t, in fact they are only passed on by direct contact. This is easily done when young children are playing and hugging. Hair can be tied back to reduce the risk.

However, if you do find them in your child’s hair you need to act fast.

Treatments for head lice are some of the most chemically-laden products on the market. Luckily, there are plenty of natural remedies for head lice that have proved very effective, one of which is henna.

Effective head lice treatments need to work on two fronts, addressing both the adult lice and the nits (eggs) that cling to the hair strands. Henna works quite simply in both these regards.

The gritty texture of henna when properly mixed acts as a fine-toothed comb for nits. The acidic solutions that are commonly mixed with henna (lemon juice, etc.) also break down the glue-like substance that nits use to attached to hair strands. Additionally, the muddy, sticky qualities of henna makes it perfect for smothering the live bugs that are roaming the scalp.

To use henna as a head lice treatment, prepare and apply henna as normal. Use cling wrap or a shower cap and keep the henna on your head for at least three hours. After rinsing, comb your hair using the fine-toothed comb and let dry. For particularly bad infestations, Artemisia or fenugreek has been shown to improve effectiveness of henna for lice removal. Mix 25g of Artemisia with each 100g of henna.

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