Shikakai, also known by the name of Acacia Concinna in botanical terms is a natural herb

used for the wellbeing of hair. It is native to Southern parts of India and has been used as a natural way of cleaning hair for centuries now.


Shikakai is very mild in nature and is used for cleaning and conditioning the hair. Due to a very low pH it does not strip the hair of its natural oils. The bark and leaves and fruit pods of Shikakai are dried and made into powder form which is then made into a paste to apply on the head. Note that a natural shampoo made from Shikakai does not make much lather like the other shampoos but it is a much better and effective way of cleaning hair.

Shikakai also possesses stringent characteristics and they enable the herb to remove all the dirt and unwanted oil collected on the scalp. If the user has hair related issues such as lice and dandruff then Shikakai is an effective remedy.

These qualities of Shikakai help in keeping the hair healthy and lustrous and it also helps in preventing hair fall. It also works as a nice hair detangler, so you need not use a separate conditioner for hair.

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