Source your henna

Always make sure your henna is pure, fresh and well sifted. This should be the same whether you are hennaing skin, hair or tambourines!

Get your tambourine

Many tambourines are made with paper or synthetic heads. The best for henna is an untreated skin head tambourine.  Make sure its one without a manufacturers stamp on the head which may prove tricky to cover up.

Make your henna paste

Mix your henna powder with lemon or lime juice, only. The oils normally used for henna on human skin will prevent the pigment from soaking into the drum head.

Put your henna into an applicator

Use whatever works best for you. People use lots of different things for applicators,  icing bags, syringes or even just paint brushes.

Henna your tambourine

Take your time and be creative.  Allow the tambourine to sit for about a week to fully absorb the henna pigments, then gently scrape the dried henna form the surface.  The henna will continue to darken over the next few days.

This beautiful tambourine below painted with an indian star design was created by Hennacat herself….

Indian Star 1 Indian star 2 indian star 3

Pure henna and applicators are all available to buy in Hennacats shop here: here


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