FREE Henna book Business Templates for Henna Artists

FREE Henna book Business Templates for Henna Artists
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Business templates from Hennacat contains nine essential business templates for henna artists. This 24 page PDF document  is packed with information about the nine basic templates which you will want to have prepared for your henna body art work.

These templates are intended to provide you with a starting point for your own business documents, so you can copy them and amend them to include your details, photographs and further information if you wish to. These are the templates that I use currently, and have been refined over 10 years in the business of providing henna body art services. I am happy to make them available to you as the starting point for your own versions.

     "Just had a look through your templates – they’re excellent! You’ve saved   me some work with templates 1,2 and 4! Worth every penny!!" - Kiran Chana, Ray of Light Henna

The format of the templates is as follows:

  • Name of template
  • Terms of use
  • Ideas for using the template
  • Further information about the template

The nine essential business templates included are:

  1. Business Template 1: Ingredients in henna paste template
  2. Business Template 2: Henna Safety Information Sheet
  3. Business Template 3: Parental / Guardian Consent form
  4. Business Template 4: Customer Registration Template
  5. Business Template 5: Aftercare Instructions Template
  6. Business Template 6: Business card template
  7. Business Template 7: Invoice template
  8. Business Template 8: Receipt Template
  9. Business Template 9: Henna Stain Progression Template

To keep the costs of this document low, and to avoid you having to do a lot of heavy formatting, I have kept the document fairly simple. You will receive a PDF version by email within 48 hours of payment. You will also receive a word document version without the front cover sheet to enable you to adapt the documents easily. If you need the documents in a different format I am happy to work with you on this, and I will typically respond to such requests within 48 hours.


If you download these business templates you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Hennacat takes all reasonable care to ensure that the information contained on these templates is accurate. However, no warranty or representation is given that the information and materials contained on it are complete or free from errors or inaccuracies. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, Hennacat accepts no liability for any loss or damages or expenses of any kind including without limitation compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property, or claims by third parties howsoever arising in connection with your use of these templates, the copying or use of any information or material contained in or referred to in it. 

DO NOT USE these templates if you do not know what the ingredients are in your henna paste.

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