FREE Henna Design Book: Party Girl

FREE Henna Design Book: Party Girl
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Free henna design book -  Party Girl

Whever you buy henna from hennacat you are welcome to download a free e-book.

Put the 'Party Girl' design book out and you will soon be inundated by groups of delighted young and teen girls who have found the perfect henna design they want!

This high quality A4 e-book contains 60 designs, over 37 pages, aimed at the young and young at heart! The designs are organised by theme and aim to offer a selection of designs that young people can choose from either individually or as a group e.g. everyone wants a yin and yang, but they would like them to be different!

The designs are so appealing that many young girls come back for a second design, and bring their firends along to get henna done too. You will quickly see a return on investment with this great selection, and it will be an asset to your book collection, as everything has been carefully designed to appeal to lots of different types of people and provide options for small groups to get the same style of henna, but with a different design each - ideal for birthday parties!


These designs are also designed to be modified by you! For example, you could fill the paw prints with patterns, or keep them as plain blocks of colour; you could take the basic heart design and surround it with different patterns; and yes you can put initials in the heart – I do that all the time.

Together with 'The Hennakitten Years' (available free of charge), 'Party Girl' will be an excellent resource for parties, festivals and fairs.

  • Number of Pages: 37
  • Number of designs: 60
  • Style: Mostly western with some traditional influences
  • Size of design: Mostly small and strips
  • Level: Easy
  • Aimed at: Young people and young at heart
  • PDF Size: 15 MB


You’ll recognise some of the designs and their variations from my YouTube videos.

All designs are copyright Catharine Hinton 2013. This means that you can use them as follows:

1. You can copy/use the designs in henna on people, and take pictures and share them. It would be cool if you let people know where the design came from but this isn;t necessary.

2. You can copy/use the designs in your own personal craft projects and take pictures and share them. It would be cool if you let people know where the design came from but this isn;t necessary.

You may not:

1. Copy the designs and use them for commercial products. If you would like to do this please get in touch in order to have the design licensed to you.

2. Copy the design, and pass it off as your own design.


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