I have been meaning to sort out my event decision making for ages, and Natasha’s facebook post prompted me to finish this matrix off. I am a typical Gemini, it can take me some time to make a decision, or I make a decision and then worry about it.

It can be really hard to say no sometimes, I don’t like saying no – even if I have to re-arrange my own plans.

Using this matirx will help me feel comfortable about the decisions I make.

So this is in draft form, and I would love your input in to it! Let me know what other factors help you make a decision about an event, you can either comment, or contact me . I’m happy for you to share this on other forums as well.

Anyway, you can download the draft matrix, it is a PDF for some reason the link takes you to another link which you need to click to get to the document! : festival-choice-matrix


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