Where can I buy henna in the UK?

Where can I buy henna in the UK?

Hennacat supplies henna powder, body art kits, hair kits, herbals, incense, readymade paste cones, oils and accessories.

Henna powder:

Organic Rajisthani Henna Power –
Hennacat Premium Organic Rajasthani Henna is carefully sourced from Rajasthan, the premium henna producing area of India. One of the best premium henna powders available, this beautifully sifted powder mixes into a smooth paste suitable for the most intricate of mehndi body art or tightly curled hair. I always order small quantities of this henna, which is custom ground from the leaves, to order, so you can be assured that you are getting the freshest, best quality henna.

Jamila Henna Powder –
Jamila Henna from Pakistan is one of the world’s oldest and best loved henna brands. Jamila has a long tradition of producing premium quality henna powder and we benefit from their many years of experience. This body art quality henna is perfect for use on hair (always carry out a strand test), and fine enough for the most delicate body art. It produces a smooth paste and a moderately strong stain.

Hennacats cream:

‘Hennacat’s Cream′ is a very special henna – currently my personal favourite for body art, this henna powder has a high dye content but with a superb light yet stringy consistency more in keeping with Jamila henna powder. When I first mixed up this henna I wanted to eat it – it was just like whipped chocolate cream!

How much to order:

100g is enough henna to dye shoulder length hair; to produce around 100 small / medium henna tattoos; or to provide full bridal mehndi for 2 to 3 brides (depending on complexity and size of designs).

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