What is Indigo?

What is Indigo?


Indigo powder is from the ground leaves of the indigo plant which contains a deep blue dye used for centuries for textiles including the original blue Levi Strauss jeans, and is still used to dye the beautiful flowing blue robes of the Berber tribes in Northern Africa/Morocco.

The leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into a powder for use in textiles, arts, and as a natural hair colorant.

People have used indigo alone or in combination with henna to dye their hair black for at least 4000 years.

When henna is used with indigo powder it can give shades from reddish brown, to dark brown, to black. The colour you get depends on the method you use, how long you leave the dye on for, and the proportion of henna to indigo you use.

Indigo powder is a medium to bright green powder from the ground leaves of the plant and smells like fresh peas, very strong and pungent. When mixed into a paste it is a dark rich green that slowly shows blue dye on the top and will appear a navy blue/blackish colour with time.

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