Your henna mix not behaving? Here is a quick guide to to some of the problems I have come across and how I resolved them:

1. My mix is really thick, and I can see clumps of powder?

The way in which some henna powders are manufacturered leaves them dryer than others (this isn’t a problem, and doesn’t affect henna powders – even bone dry sand has a moisture residue). This means that your henna powder can seem like it needs more or less liquid than usual. To solve this  you need to add more lemon juice until it is the thickness of mashed potato. Most corner shops sell lemon juice or fresh lemons. If you are in a fix, e.g. used up all your lemon juice, you could add another acidic solution, e.g. cola, lemonade, vinegar etc. but these liquids don’t smell so good.Fine tune your mix consistency (by adding more liquid) after the henna has brewed for a little while, as you don;t want to go the other way and add too much liquid.

2. My mix is too runny?

Realistically the only way to thicken the mixture is to add more henna powder. I always have a little powder kept back to add to the mix in after it has brewed for a little while so I can do my ‘fine tuning’.

3. When I scrape the top of the henna, I can’t see the different colours?

Some henna powders hide their dye release and the colour difference is quite subtle, so make sure that you that you scrape deeply, and bring the bowl of henna close to natural /bright light.

If you still can’t see a colour difference you might need to leave your henna a little longer to brew. You might want to put it in a warm place, to help speed up the dye release.

4. I did a test spot, and it didn’t stain?

Each batch of henna at hennacat is mixed using this recipe and tested on a variety of skin types to make sure that it works. If it doesn’t meet our standards we don’t sell it, however there are other companies who don’t carry out such tests.

Try a test spot in another location, or on another person. The palm of the hand and sole of the foot stain the darkest, followed by the back of the hand and top of the foot. To be sure I draw a flower on the back of my hand and dot on the inside of my wrist – which is a light staining area.

Other reasons why henna doesn’t stain well are:

  • You didn’t use lemon juice
  • You didn’t use essential oils
  • You need to leave the henna to brew for longer
  • You have a sunscreen or other beauty product on which is aimed at sealing the skin
  • It is very cold, and you are very cold
  • You are one of the small % of the population who don’t ever get a good henna stain
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