Good quality henna powder and cooled tea is one of the simplest and most effective henna paste recipes I use. I tried to pad this recipe out to make it look more blog post like, but there wasn’t much to add, it is really simple!

Here is the recipe and technique:

  • 100g of henna powder
  • 1 large mug of strong black tea – I use 3 x PG tips – cooled.
  • Plastic gloves
  • Cling film
  • Cotton wool
  • A hat!
  1. Mix your henna powder with the cold black tea to a nice ‘dropping’ or yoghurt consistency.
  2. Leave the mix for 1 hour to ‘brew’. Apply the henna to your hair, remembering to use plastic gloves – this henna paste will stain your hands and your nails so the gloves are a necessity!
  3. Wrap your hair in cling film / saran wrap, so that the henna is fully covered. In winter you can then put a hat on to keep your head warm, in summer you can do withuot the hat.
  4. Leave the henna on for 1 ,3 or any length of time up to 12 hours depending on the colour you want to acheive.

You can see some blonde hair test results here. This test was done using the tea recipe above.

You can see some brown hair results here. This test was done using the tea recipe above.

An alternative recipe is to use lemon juice instead of tea, this gives a slightly subdued colour on hair – at odds with the effect on body art, where a lemon juice mix is crucial too a strong bright stain. You can see the difference in colour here:

henna and tea vs henna and lemon 1 hour by hennacat

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