prom henna from Hennacat AnnabelHenna is a beautiful addition to your Prom outfit, an all natural temporary adornment that can complement either your dress or the party theme.

Your henna should be applied two or three days before the Prom so that it has time to develop to it’s peak colour.

Not only will you stand out from your friends on Prom night, but you will have a beautiful reminder of your fabulous evening that lasts for ages afterwards (around 10 days)! Here are some design ideas.

Hennacat’s Prom Henna Service

Hennacat is available for Prom henna bookings in and around Shropshire, UK.  Using only her carefully sourced Organic Rajasthani henna mixed with lemon juice and pure essential oils, and with a huge range of freehand designs to choose from you are guaranteed to be delighted with your henna / mehndi.

Prom henna from HennacatYou can also request a bespoke design like the lovely Millie (this is her hand), or even have your hair hennaed like the amazing Annabel who is featured above! Check out  how beautiful, radiant and shiny her hair is after her first ever henna application ready for prom!

You can book Hennacat by texting 07970 795583 or getting in touch via email.

Pre-prom parties

Why not hold a pre-prom henna party? Hennacat can come and .provide henna body art whilst you relax with your friends and prepare for the night of your life! Read more about Pre Prom Henna Parties.

Information for parents

Henna is an all natural temporary dye that stains the skin and hair. Paste is applied to the skin, which dries and falls off, leaving behind an orange stain that darkens over the next two days. The designs last around 7 – 10 days and up to 3 weeks in some cases.  Concerns over allergies and damage to the skin are valid, as many people add neat black hair dye to their paste. This so call black henna is very dangerous and more can be read about it here.  Hennacat only uses pure henna that she imports herself direct from the manufacturer. She mixes every batch of paste fresh, using only lemon juice and essential oils, to ensure that she has full traceability of ingredients. She uses all her products herself.

In addition Hennacat is fully insured and has a current clear DBS check.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch by texting 07970 795583 or getting in touch via email.

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