peak-back-of-hand-stainAlthough henna tattoos are a temporary form of body art which typically lasts around ten days, you might want to make a particularly nice or special henna design last longer. This guide from Cat will show you how to prolong henna body art e.g. make your henna last longer and fade more slowly.

  1. Use great quality henna

Begin with using great quality henna, use a great recipe*, apply, and leave it on for as long as possible.

  1. Avoid washing your henna

When you bath or shower, your skin exfoliates, and this can cause your henna to fade. In order to prevent your henna from fading, when you bathe make sure to treat your henna gently.

  1. Avoid swimming pools, Jacuzzi and other ‘man-made’ pools.

Swimming pools, Jacuzzi, spa pools and hot tubs all have chlorine or other treatments added to the water to kill germs. These treatments ‘bleach’ out henna, which is great when you want to remove the last few remnants of henna, but not so good when you want to it last. To ensure your henna lasts longer you should protect it with shea butter, or natural barrier cream when you are about to go into the pool, and keep re-applying it.

4.  Avoid exfoliating products

Don’t use exfoliating products, sponges or flannels over your henna. These products take layers of skin off, which takes layers of henna off! Like going swimming, these products are great for removing the last bits of your henna, but not if you want to keep your henna tattoo for longer.

5. Apply moisturisers / oils

Keeping your skin in good condition by moisturising regularly will help prolong your henna tattoo. However, be gentle as vigorous application will lift skin cells and cause your henna to fade.

  1. Wear gloves when cleaning

Just like pools, cleaning products will bleach your henna, so make sure your wear gloves if your henna is on your hands

  1. When it fades, get another one!

*For more information:

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