At the heart of it all, henna is a natural plant based product like any other including spices, herbs, fruit and vegetables. The difference is also the same with its growing process, henna can be grown both organically and with the use of chemicals, pesticides and hormones.

‘Certified Organic’ means that the processes have been rigorously checked throughout the whole of the production stage, including from the provenance of the seed, to the soil, to growing and to harvest, each stage is checked to ensure the end product is organic.

This doesn’t mean that other products are not organic, some products we use are indeed organic, they just can’t always claim that title due to the checking process with the Soil Association.

Does it really matter?

The difference, some would argue is negligible, and many would argue that it is crucial and as with all things to do with people, opinions are widely varied.

The process of growing henna organically goes hand in hand with the whole life cycle of the plant and how the plant then interacts with humans (via its dye). To lovingly tend to a plant and bring it up to harvest with all natural methods shows a love and respect for nature that cannot help but be infused in the products produced.

Plants raised artificially and for quantity over quality may work out cheaper and produce a cheaper end product without seeming to affect the quality, so really how important is this?

Sensitive Souls…

For those with sensitivities, this is a no brainer. Henna is a product we are choosing over chemicals anyway so why then choose henna grown with chemicals? It makes no sense. It is one of those life choices that we need to work out for ourselves, what fits with our over all ethos of life?

Choosing what makes you feel good about yourself and the world…

Any product we use on ourselves and others usually has a purpose, either for daily usage, special treats, gifts, art, or to simply feel good. Feeling good comes in many forms and it is vital in life to follow what makes you happy, be that saving money, choosing organic ingredients, or to just enjoy life experiences.

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