Mums to be can celebrate Mother’s day too, with henna body art on their baby bumps!

Natural henna is derived from the plant and with no added chemicals is totally safe to use during pregnancy as body art (and for hair dye too).

Natural henna for use as a skin dye is often mixed with lemon juice and essential oils. You may want to check that the oils used are safe in pregnancy. It takes more than several hours for the paste to work. It will leave an orange stain that goes brown, and which lasts between one week and three weeks.

Tips for henna body art during pregnancy:

  • Check the product carefully to make sure its natural henna (all Hennacat products are totally natural and chemical free)
  • Make sure you are sat comfortably (avoid laying on your back, or bending over) and get a friend to help
  • Don’t be tempted to keep the room hot to get more out of the henna, overheating may make you feel dizzy and could raise blood pressure

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Neighbours star Natalie Blair cradles her baby bump decorated with Henna




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