Medicinal benefits of Henna

Medicinal benefits of Henna

PageLines- Heart.jpgHenna isn’t just for colouring your hair or temporary tattoos, the Henna plant has many medicinal benefits.

1. Cooling agent

Henna is a great cooling agent. When henna paste is applied to scrapes and burns it gives relief. You can also use this herb as a natural home remedy for lowering temperature when suffering from high fever or heat exhaustion.

2. Headaches

The flowers of henna can be used to relieve headaches caused by heat stroke. Make a paste of henna flowers by crushing them and adding vinegar then apply to your forehead or temples.

3. Treats Hair loss and maintains healthy hair and scalp

Regular use of henna is known to seal and repair the hair cuticle which in turn prevents the breakage of hair and also helps in retaining the shine of the hair.

It can also prevent premature hair fall as it helps in retaining the pH balance of the scalp and also acts as an effective natural cure against dryness, dandruff as well as premature greying of hair.

4. Jaundice

You can use the bark of the henna plant for treating liver disorders like jaundice and enlargement of the liver.  It is also beneficial for other conditions associated with liver.

5. Skin conditions

Henna can be used to treat skin conditions like athlete’s foot, rashes, and ringworm. It’s also an effective sunblock. Leaves of the henna plant are astringent in nature therefore can be used to treat skin problems.

6. Sore throat

Boil water with henna leaves and use this water to gargle. This will soothe your sore throat instantly. Alternately, some leaves of henna can also be chewed.

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