closeupIndianIndigoIndigo powder is from the ground leaves of the indigo plant which contains a deep
blue dye. The leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into a powder for use in
textiles, arts, and as a natural hair colorant.

The name indigo comes from the Roman term indicum, which means a product of
India. This is somewhat of a misnomer since the plant is grown in many areas of the
world, including Asia, Java, Japan, and Central America.

Indigo was known throughout the ancient world for its ability to colour fabrics a deep
blue.  Egyptian artefacts suggest that indigo was employed as early as 1600 BC. and it
has been found in Africa, India, Indonesia, and China.

More recently indigo was used to dye the original blue Levi Strauss jeans! Indigo combined with a henna application on hair can produce deep rich red/brown shades through to a rich jet black colour.   It adds richness and shine and covers grey hairs.

As there are no chemicals, preservatives, PPD or nut derivatives this is considered an
ideal alternative to chemical dyes and is safe for those with chemical sensitivities, for
use during pregnancy or nursing also if you are having a reaction or eczema caused
by chemical colour.

Always do a strand test first as everyone’s hair has different colour results to henna, and store your indigo powder in the fridge or a cool dark place.

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