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We (obviously) love henna! But you may not necessarily want it hanging around on your fingernails and hands after application.  Henna is derived from the leaves of the Henna plant which seeps into the top layer of the skin, resulting in a semi-permanent stain which usually lasts for around 14 days but sometimes, you may want it removing before it fades naturally.

Here is the best and way we have found to remove henna.

You will need:



Cotton pad

Soda powder (baking soda/baking powder)




Firstly, you need to create a cleaning solution to remove henna from your hands. For this, grab a bowl and squeeze the lemon juice into it, and 2 teaspoons of soda powder and mix it thoroughly.

Next step is to take a big cotton pad or swab and either dip it in the solution without completely soaking it or pour the liquid on the cotton without allowing it to drip through.

Now set the wet cotton on the stained area and secure it with the tape.

Leave the cotton in place for approximately 2 hours, but darker henna stains may require you to leave the pad in place longer.

In the last step, wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap and you should notice your henna stains disappeared by now.

Remember: With both methods, don’t forget to use moisturiser to help rejuvenate your skin and keep it soft and smooth. You can also spend some time in the sun to help fade the henna stains, but exercise proper caution. If you notice any dead skin, simply use a dead skin remover on the affected areas, which will also help reduce the mehndi stains to a great extent.

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