Henna for hair: How to dye grey roots naturally with henna

Henna for hair: How to dye grey roots naturally with henna

Once you dye your hair, roots will grow back in, and if you have some grey hairs you may want to touch them up so they blend in. Some people’s grey hair grows through quite quickly and may need doing every week. Others may find they can last up to six weeks.

With henna, covering grey roots is simple and can be done as and when they become visible.

Make sure when you do your henna mix for the whole of your hair, you save some and freeze it in an ice cube tray. That way you then have access to small portions to touch up regrowth.

Thaw some of the frozen henna and dab it on the visible roots. Leave for at least an hour, or for best results apply before bedtime, tie on a scarf, and wash out the henna paste the next morning. You will generally not need more than a few spoonsful of henna paste for touch-ups.

Henna softens and thickens hair and it wont harm the protein structure of grey hair.

You may want to consider toning down the henna colour by adding other plant dyes such as cassia or indigo.

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