uy henna for hair and mehndi from hennacat online henna shopHenna tattoos are the best replacement to traditional permanent tattoos. Although, henna tattoos have several benefits they also require numerous steps and measures to give a pleasing and beautiful decor to your body by achieving its full colour.

Along with using a fresh henna cone, ensuring the quality of henna is very important.

The colour of henna stains start developing after the removal of henna paste but the darkest colour of henna is developed in 4-5 days. Hence, avoid the use of harsh chemicals, bleach, and other cleaning materials to maintain the longevity of your henna stain and design. However, you can bathe and shower as usual.

Across the world, different styles and designs of henna tattoos are used to decorate various parts of body. Nowadays henna designs are applied using henna tattoo cones. The intensity and longevity of the henna tattoos however can vary differently.

A fresh henna cone stain generally lasts for 20-30 days delivering the freedom to try different designs and styles unlike traditional tattoos. The skin acts as major factor in deciding the intensity and longevity of henna stains.

A cleaned thicker skin stains more and gives darker henna stains.  Henna stains are also better on people with a higher body temperature.

Although the full good colour of a henna tattoo takes 5-10 days after paste removal, and the longer the moist henna is in contact with skin the better outcome it will deliver.

Henna tattoos leave behind an orange- red colour shade to the skin. Henna tattoos are a symbol of celebration, joy and love, and hold a key place in numerous medications as well as many religious and wedding ceremonies.

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