How is henna used?

How is henna used?

uy henna for hair and mehndi from hennacat online henna shopHenna has incredibly ancient origins, being used by ancient Sumerians thousands of years ago and even during prehistoric times to create cave paintings. The vibrant colours, finger painted on walls by early humans created the very first pieces of art and a means for the first forms of written stories and communication.

It’s use as a dye or semi-permanent ink is its most famous quality and today when we think of henna, we mostly think of hair dye and body art. However these popular uses are just a small glimpse in to what the magical henna plant can offer.

Natural Medicine…

In a world where we can pop to a shop and buy whatever we need, its amazing to think of all the opportunities we must be missing and henna is a perfect example. Its use as a medicinal plant has been well documented over the years, including being used as a coolant on burns and for healing wounds. It has anti-microbial properties and contains tanning and glue which help to naturally heal open wounds and protect them.

Other uses that are currently being explored for medicinal purposes include healing infections, mouth ulcers, an anti-viral treatment for warts and as an anti-hemorrhagic to suppress bleeding.

Natural Skin Care, Make-Up & Dye…

Henna is the original beauty product with many uses as part of your make-up kit including colours for eye shadow and blusher, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. It can be used as semi-permanent make-up and works amazingly for high definition eye brows.

It can also be used as a skin cleanser as part of your skin care regime, it literally does everything you need and more, including being used as clothing dye. It can be used as a dye on leather, cotton, wool and all manner of natural fabrics, they work beautifully with henna, and best of all, no chemicals!

Finally of course, we all know and love henna hair dye, but the big trend in beards means that men can get in on the action and dye their beards beautiful colours using henna. It was the tribal make-up of choice for people throughout the centuries and it thrives for a reason, its very good at what it does.

Simple things…

In a world where there is a different product for everything, with claims that we all know are exaggerated, its nice to find something simple and readily available that has so many different uses, a truly magical plant!

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