This short video demonstrates how to draw a simple elegant forearm design in henna. This is a popular design for women and young girls at school fairs and other events, where they would like something pretty but not on their hands. As you can see from this video it is very quick to do which is really useful at busy events!

This design is more complex than “Henna Tutorials How to draw a simple flower #1 and #2“. It gives you the opportunity to practice getting a smooth variation in line thickness by squeezing the cone harder in certain parts of the line (outer parts of the outer petals).

This design also shows you how to incorporate a simple tiny leaf pattern which is created by a technique where you make dots that get smaller in size. You could embellish it by placing a jewel in the middle of each flower and sprinkling glitter on the finished design.

There is a 10 second gap at the beginning to give you chance to get your henna cone ready, and I have not included music, dialogue or subtitles with this video, but you can hear my log fire cracking away in the background. I am using doing the design on a slim adult female, to show how the design fits on to a forearm, but the same design would work just as well on a larger /smaller arm or a child’s arm.

I’d love to know what you think, and also what other videos would you like to see? If you’d like to have a go at this design yourself, why not buy some henna from my shop?

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