Mia Henna on Afro Hair If you love your natural curls but fancy a change without damaging your beautiful natural hair, henna can be the answer!

Mia’s hair is naturally black and very curly. Mia contacted me to see whether I would be able to henna her hair as she wanted to try something different. Her hair is now a beautiful red brown colour that shines vibrantly in the sunlight!

Henna is a great choice for natural super curly hair for a number of reasons:

  • It does not damage or roughen your hair
  • It makes your hair smoother
  • It is a permanent colour which does not fade

What we did

Four¬† x 100g packets of hennacat premium organic rajasthani henna were mixed with cooled back tea to make a loose yoghurt consistency mix. Mia’s curls are so tight that we needed to make sure he paste was loose enough to penetrate between the hairs. After brewing for an hour the paste was applied using a super cone.¬† We started with the roots and gradually worked down the hair shaft.

Mia’s hair was wrapped in clingfilm and foil, and she left it on overnight – about 14 hours in total.

She is delighted by the results – not just the colour, but the curl definition, amazing condition and shine.

IMAG0133 IMAG0132 IMAG0134





To buy henna for hair, go here. Our secure online henna shop has all the supplies you need! To talk to a henna for hair expert get in touch with hennacat through the contact form.

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2 Responses to Henna for hair: Henna on super curly hair

  1. miriam says:

    I have natural afro hair, and love to use henna, it stops breakage. I buy from you. I think I will try the alma and see how it conditions my hair.

  2. Henna Cat says:

    Thanks Miriam, I’d love to see some photos next time you henna your hair!

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