Henna for hair

Henna for hair

Henna for Hair

Dying hair with henna leads to a variety of colours which will be different on different people. The colours range from light auburn, through to orange, light chestnut to dark burgundy. The colour result will depend on:

  • The user’s original hair colour (The lighter the hair, the more obvious the henna colour will be)
  • The freshness of the henna (Lawsone content may diminish over time, unless henna is stored correctly)
  • The country / region where the henna is grown (Like wine, henna takes characteristics from the environment it is grown in)
  • The amount of amount of time the henna is left on the hair (the longer the henna is left on, the more saturated with dye the hair will become)
  • The amount of heat retained on the head during the dying process (The warmer the head of the person using the henna, the more saturated with dye the hair will become)

A greater variety of darker colours (brown to black) can be gained by combining henna with Indigo for hair.

Hair dyed with henna is permanent, but the colour does fade slowly over time.

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