Henna is a herbal remedy commonly used as a natural hair colour, but it is also packed with hair repairing and strengthening properties to tackle problems such as excessive hair loss.

It has cooling properties and when applied to the scalp can soothe and cleanse it, whilst providing an excellent conditioner for your hair.

Henna adds shine and volume to your hair, but also shields it from further damage by forming a coating on it.

Henna helps restore the natural acid alkaline balance on your scalp and cleanses it of dirt without altering the natural balance unlike chemical based products.

It reduces hair fall, dandruff and other scalp problems, prevents your hair from greying and thinning, making it healthy and lustrous.


Recipe to help with hair loss:

1 cup of amla powder

3 spoons of mehandi (henna) powder

2 spoons of fenugreek powder

1 egg white

1 lemon

Mix all the ingredients well 1 hour before applying to your hair. Rinse your hair for at least 45 minutes. Apply this pack weekly once. Within 6 weeks you can see a drastic change with your hair fall.


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