Henna for hair: Henna and coconut milk

Henna for hair: Henna and coconut milk

coconut hennaDid you know that instead of adding warm tea to your henna mix you can add straight coconut milk for a wonderful conditioning gloss?

Coconut milk is basically the liquid that is extracted from the flesh of the coconut and is not from the liquid within the coconut itself.  Coconut milk is becoming more popular as a natural and vegan light protein and moisture treatment for the hair and can be found in most supermarkets, particularly in the organic section.

The best type of coconut milk to use is the canned full fat variety. This has the coconut oil intact which really helps provide slip but also makes the gloss super creamy and smooth and therefore easier to apply.

Thai kitchen coconut milk with no preservatives is good but any canned coconut milk will do. Always check the ingredients though as you don’t want the sweetened kind with added sugar and stuff in them. (Also not to be confused with coconut water, this is not the same thing).

Use roughly a whole can of coconut milk to get your paste to a thick and creamy consistency. Add it gradually though so you don’t make the mix too runny. Every henna absorbs liquid differently so just add your liquids slowly until it’s of the proper consistency.

The coconut milk will make your locks super soft and tangle free.

Author: Jojoba

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