“Henna Crowns” for people experiencing hair loss, whether from cancer or other medical conditions, were created to serve as a form of empowerment and decoration.

Henna crowns and henna on people with hair loss has been around for a while, and the group called Henna Heals Canada and has inspired many people across the world due to their publicity on social media. The mission was to empower cancer sufferers and make them feel beautiful, making female baldness not only acceptable, but also chic.

The process of henna application is calming both physically and emotionally for many patients. The paste itself, which is all natural, has a cooling effect on the skin.

Patients also say that it invites people to start a dialogue with them and gets positive reactions at what is a difficult time.

Women with hair loss resulting from alopecia can also have henna crowns.

The henna paste is applied in customised designs to the head, and once it dries and flakes off the stain can last around two weeks and then fade naturally.

Hair loss can be traumatic and henna crowns can be a great way to boost spirit and have a bit of fun, rather than hiding the hair loss.

If you would like a Henna crown or would like to treat someone you know to a henna crown, cat would be delighted to help you. Please get in touch via the contact page.

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