10375077_10152201347818175_157502236783908389_nCreating your own henna tattoo, or creating designs on others can be fun, and isn’t too tricky if you start off with some simple designs.

Hennacat has some great starter kits you can order that has everything you need including a sheet of designs, and currently there is also a Halloween starter kit with creepy designs.

These starter kits come with ready to mix henna and all you need to provide is lemon juice.

The henna can be applied freehand.


  1. Follow the instructions that came with your henna to mix it, if you are using the starter kits you just mix with lemon juice.
  2. Once your henna paste is mixed and ready to pipe out, test first using a piece of paper to check the consistency is good.
  3. Clean the skin where the henna is to be applied to remove any oils from the surface, then pat dry.
  4. Work from the centre out when applying your design to avoid any smudging.
  5. As you draw you may make mistakes, keep some Q-tips nearby to clean up any smudges.
  6. As soon as the paste is applied to the skin it will start to dry, as it dries it cracks. This is when you can add a mixture of lemon and sugar by dabbing it on with cotton wool. This will help the tattoo stain well and darken.
  7. Leave the henna on for as long as possible for a darker stain.
  8. Then to remove the henna use olive oil, vegetable oil or even essential oils rather than water if possible.

If well looked after the tattoo could last for 1-2 weeks, this is also a great excuse not to do the washing up, so you can prolong the tattoo!

Check out Hennacat’s henna for body art kits here: http://shop.hennacat.com/ocart/index.php?route=product/category&path=63

To buy henna for body art, go here. Our secure online henna shop has all the supplies you need! To talk to a henna for body art expert get in touch with hennacat through the contact form.

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