When skin is wounded, a body heals itself by creating scar tissue. Scar tissue is slightly different in structure from normal skin and does not regenerate in the same way until blood flow and other tissue structures have reformed.

For many people, scars can be difficult to accept. Whether you have had a mastectomy, a C-section, endured an injury, or had reconstructive work resulting in scars, many women report feeling unfeminine and unattractive because of them.

Henna may be one way that you feel more comfortable and confident – with a bit of henna, women walk away feeling empowered, attractive, and self-confident.   Henna allows people to express themselves through symbols, imagery, and to feel empowered in their adorned skin.

Scar tissue takes henna stains perfectly well (unlike tattoos). The colour and longevity of the stain depends on how thoroughly the wound has healed. The scars can be fully covered with a henna design or partially covered and incorporated into the design.

Henna over scars


Beautiful henna design covering a mastectomy scar by Meghan’s Mehndi www.meghansmehndi.com

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