Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about mixing henna for body art in the hennacat mailbox!

  1. Why do I need lemon juice? Lemon juice seems to be the optimum liquid to use. Henna stains seem to last longer if the henna has been mixed with lemon juice.
  2. Why do I need essential oil? The essential oils contain substances called ‘terpiniols’ which help the dye molecule, called lawsone, bind to the keratin in your skin, helping to produce a dark long lasting stain.
  3. Can I use any essential oil? No, not all essential oils have terpiniols. Lavender and tea tree are two essential oils which are used by many people in the UK and are readily available.
  4. Why do I need sugar? The sugar helps prevent the henna from drying out too quickly, and helps the henna ‘stick’ to the skin.
  5. Why can’t I use henna straight away? You can, but the henna stain will not be at its vibrant nor will it be long lasting.  You and your customers will be disappointed.
  6. I haven’t used all the henna I mixed, how can I store it? If you plan to use it within a few days, you can store the henna in your fridge. For longer term storage, you can put it in the freezer. To prevent the essential oils from scenting your food, you can put the henna cones in a ziplock bag or a fridge / freezer safe plastic container.
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