Enhancing permanent tattoos with Henna

Tattoowith henna design from hennacat incorporated

A henna design filling in an area of clear skin. The tattoo is a previous henna design done by Hennacat that the customer decided to get permanently inked.

Henna enhanced tatoo at hennacat.com

Photo from silknstone.com

Henna is a great way to spice up old tattoos or play with ideas to enhance their look.

Since the henna designs last from 1-4 weeks on the body, it is also a great way to test out a tattoo before getting a permanent one. Some people may often find that they enjoy the natural look of the hennaed art that is changeable vs. the permanency of a tattoo.

For those who are set on getting the permanent tattoo and know exactly what they want, you can create the image with henna first and have a tattoo artist embed the image directly over the hennaed surface.

However….if the thought of getting a permanent tattoo on your body scares you (the pain, the fact its forever!) you can always choose henna tattoo designs which are close to the real thing. Henna tattoos are the other option if you do not want to have the real ink on your skin and are perfect to wear during the summer. Since they are only temporary and are practically harmless, even kids can wear them.


To buy henna for body art, go here. Our secure online henna shop has all the supplies you need! To talk to a henna for body art expert get in touch with hennacat through the contact form.

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