Henna benefits for your skin

Henna benefits for your skin

uy henna for hair and mehndi from hennacat online henna shopNot only can henna be used for decorative body art on your skin, it can be used to treat the following conditions:

One of the most notable uses of henna is for protecting the skin against infections and eliminating inflammation. Henna has been applied to burns, wounds, and scrapes for generations, not only because it can add a protective layer against foreign pathogens and substances, but also because it has natural cooling abilities that literally suck the heat from the skin. This makes it very useful for sunburns, in a similar capacity as aloe gel.

Prickly heat
Henna leaves can be smashed and mixed with pure water to create a smooth paste to treat prickly heat

Henna is a very effective dandruff removing agent. Using it with some other ingredients such as fenugreek and lemon can give magical effects against dandruff. It returns moisture to the scalp and prevents flaking and dandruff formation.

The cuticles and space under the nails are prime locations for infection and bacterial presence; therefore, treating your nails with henna is a wise choice. Drinking the water in which leaves have been steeped helps to prevent nails from cracking and also reduce inflammation. Applying a poultice directly to the nail beds can clear up irritation, pain, and infection in the nail beds.

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