myths busted mini imageThinking of dying your hair with henna but worried about things you’ve heard? Let Cat put some of those myths to rest!

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1. Your hair will only go one colour  > MYTH!
Think of henna like the denier rating of stockings – you can get a light shimmer of barely-there colour or an intense opaque block of colour as well as everything in between. The range of colours you can get depends on the quality of henna, the liquid you use to mix it with, and the length of time you leave it on your hair. The range of colours increases when you add other herbals.  There is lots of information on to help you work out the best recipe for you and your hair.
2. It is Messy to apply   >  MYTH!
Henna is no more messy to apply than any other hair dye. Plus it doesn’t dye your bathroom instantaneously like
chemical dyes do! You will need to use gloves and large cone to apply the henna professionally, (we include these as standard in our hair kits) and clear up any mess straight away.
3. Henna  damages your hair  >  MYTH!
This is the biggest myth of all – henna has been used for centuries not just for colour but for it’s magical conditioning
properties. Your hair glows and shines with health, feels soft and bears styling treatments / heat better. The lawsone molecule
(the dye)  binds to keratin in the hair which strengthens the hair shaft and gives a permanent conditioning (and colour) effect.
All my hair clients (and their stylists) are amazed by their new found shine and regained health – especially after using other hair dyes (even expensive ones).
 4. Once you have used henna you can’t have other treatments  >  MYTH!
In the name of science I, and my clients have experimented with over the counter and hair salon highlights, ombre , perms and straightening treatments. All have worked fine. BUT a word of caution, I know that my henna and herbals are pure, and my hairdresser uses exceptionally good quality products other suppliers / hair dressers might not supply pure product so
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do a strand test to be sure.
5. Your hair will go green  >   MYTH!
This myth came about in the early 21st century when henna powder started to be adulterated with all sorts of unpleasant things in the quest to develop a perceived more attractive powder and increased weight with bulking agents. Green dye was added to henna powder to make it look fresher. Sometimes so much was added that your hair did go green!!!! It happened to me!  Now good suppliers (like hennacat) have a choice of excellent manufacturers that only provide pure herbals and you hair will not go green!
6. henna is scary – unnatural dye boxes warn not to use henna  >   MYTH!
This is a hangover from number 5 above, and more recently because many unnatural dyes contain a very unpleasant chemical called ‘PPD’. In some countires, PPD is used for temporary tattooing and hair dye, but is marketed as ‘Black henna’. PPD causes horrific allergic reactions (for about 30% of the population) which are amplified if put straight on to the skin, and this leads to a lifetime allergy to PPD containing hair dyes, which gets worse with every exposure. This is so frustrating on a number of levels because henna is not, and never has been, black, it is wrong for PPD to be marketed as anything to  do with henna, and why would hair companies add PPD to their hair dyes when people have such terrible reactions to it?
7. loads of people are allergic to henna  >  MYTH!
See the answer to number 6. Pure henna does not appear to have caused any dcoumented allergic reactions, but sometimes people put nasty things in henna and it is these adulterants that people are allergic to. Make sure you buy from a trusted source who seeks out pure products (like Hennacat).
8. Henna will make my head hurt   >  MYTH!
Having henna paste on your hair is actually intensley soothing. I find that any headaches go away, and any scalp itchiness (from use of styling products) is immediately soothed.
 9. You need lots of ingredients & it is complicated to mix right  >   MYTH!
The only things you need are black tea, lemon juice or water – depending on your preference and hair type. I use cooled black tea. Lemon juice gives more auburn tones, and is good for very greasy hair. Lukewarm water is fine as well. Black tea gives the strongest colour.
10.  Your hair will go neon orange  >  well maybe but not for long
Henna needs to oxidise to reach it’s maximum and final colour and this takes a couple of days. At first there usually is an orange glow, but this settles down quickly. Don’t let this put you off – the ultimate results are worth it! I actually quite like it!

To buy henna for hair or to find out more information contact Hennacat here. Our secure online henna shop has all the supplies you need!

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