Free Henna Crowns during 2012

Free Henna Crowns during 2012

If you have experienced almost complete hair loss through medical treatment for cancer or alopecia you might be interested to hear that henna can provide a beautiful and chic alternative to head scarve, hats or wigs.

Throughout 2012 the Hennacat herself is offering free henna crowns to anyone in Shrewsbury, UK who has experienced such hair loss. If you live outside of Shrewsbury, I am happy to henna you if you are able to meet basic travel costs.

Although women and children particularly enjoy the beauty of henna, there is no reason why men can’t have it too!

I use my own carefully sourced and personally imported premium henna products mixed freshly with lemon juice, essential oil blends and sugar, with no harsh chemicals or adulterants.

For more information, please get in touch through our contact page.


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