FREE e-book ‘Knuckle tattoos in Henna’

FREE e-book ‘Knuckle tattoos in Henna’

‘Knuckle tattoos – in Henna’ came about in the Summer of 2011. I noticed a trend of people asking for knuckle tattoos done in henna, some with firm ideas about what they wanted, some without any clue at all. Often young people would ask for nothing more creative than expletives which would get them into trouble with their parents and school. I started to catalogue expressions that contained two four-letter words and eight letter words so that people could be inspired to ask for something more meaningful to them.

I’ve collated this work into the publication ‘Knuckle tattoos – in Henna’ and made it available free of charge as a PDF through mediafire.

The list of words contained in this free book is not comprehensive, I am sure there are many thousands of words out there! I have not included any profane or explicit words.

This free publication is yours with no obligation, registration, or email address required. Simply click the links above or below to download:

Knuckle Tattoos in Henna (PDF)

If you’ve got words or phases to add to this collection let me know and I’ll include them when I update the book!

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