Free e-book ‘Rings and Things in Henna’

Free e-book ‘Rings and Things in Henna’

Rings and Things in Henna‘, like ‘Knuckle Tattoos in Henna’ came about in the Summer of 2011. I noticed a trend of people asking for ring tattoos done in henna, some with firm ideas about what they wanted e.g. a fingerstash, some without any clue at all.  I started to catalogue images of rings, fingerstaches and small images so that people could be inspired to ask for something  meaningful to them. The designs are drawn in a mahogany brown colour to avoid customer confusion about the colour of 100% natural henna.

I’ve collated this work into the publication ‘Rings and Things in Henna and made it available free of charge as a PDF.

This free e-book contains the following:

  1. Brief Introduction
  2. Deatils about how to position your customer
  3. Cautions
  4. Knuckle template for rings
  5. Ring images part 1 – round jewels
  6. Ring images part 2 – patterns
  7. Ring images part 3 – square jewels
  8. Ring images for younger people and fingertashes
  9. Fancy and fun ring / finger images including fingerstaches
  10. How to draw nine popular jewel cuts
  11. One, two and three letter initials and words suitable for rings
  12. Roman Numerals
  13. Space for your own designs

This free publication is yours with no obligation, registration, or email address required. Simply click the links above or below to download:

Rings and Things in Henna (PDF)

If you are inspired to try henna our for yourself, why not buy some from my shop?

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