Free 24 page e-book of easy henna designs

Free 24 page e-book of easy henna designs

Free E-Book – The hennakitten years! This has been such a fun project. I found the original sketches for my hand drawn pattern books back when I started doing henna – when I was a little hennakitten! I decide to archive them and then realised I could pull them together into a little henna book for you guys! This 24 page document is just under 6MB and you can download it here: The Hennakitten Years

The Hennakitten years comprises some of my enduring favourite designs including the ‘Festival feet’ that still adorn my postcards today, the iconic hennacat seahorse and my favourite indo-arabic style designs.

Variations of simple peacocks (the national bird of India) and lotuses (the national flower of India) as well as simple spirals are also included.

You’ll recognise some of the designs and their variations from my YouTube videos.


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