Red hairIntroduction

“Hennaed hair is the best known secret” for healthy beautiful hair that some women have known about for countless generations.

If you admire red haired celebrities such Christina Hendricks and Amy Adams or feel like channelling your inner Boudica or Elizabeth I, you might be wondering how you can get vibrant natural looking red hair for yourself.

With a myriad of products and colours available at hair salons and chemists it can be impossible to work out what to choose for the best. Avoiding products make your head sore and itchy (as some unnatural hair dyes do) will be a priority for you and that just makes it more problematic/

Some hair dyes make your hair feel great for a couple of days but then a familiar dry crunchy texture returns and even worse, if you have fine, easily damaged hair, you might notice some breakage or split ends – so disheartening if you are growing your hair or trying to reduce split ends.

A few weeks later you’ll notice your roots coming through and you will need to start all over again, either going to the expense of a hairdresser or standing in the aisle of the chemist shop confused by all the potentially harmful products in front of you!

What are the alternatives?

A lot of people want a different hair colour so much that they will suffer through any pain and discomfort caused by the hair dye they use, or choose for a less rewarding shade provided by non-permanenet dyes.

If you suffer from hair breakage and loss you can load up on conditioners which in turn cause hair to become dull and lifeless as your hair is weighed down by the weight of conditioner.

Or you can choose to use “new generation” henna powders that give your hair permanent red colour, healthy shine and a beautiful softness.

Henna – the wonder herb for hair

Forget dusty packets of herbal henna in new age shops that might have dyed your hair orange in the 1970s (if you were lucky and wanted orange hair!). Driven by customer demand, Henna, or to go by its scientific name, Lawsonia Inermis, powder manufacturing techniques have been revolutionised in the last ten years.

There has never been a better time to buy henna powder for hair as companies across the Middle East and Asia compete to provide henna powder with the best dye content, the strongest Organic certification and the finest sift for their customers who include Royal families and Celebrities.

Unlike other hair dyes, henna is a fantastic natural conditioner for your hair. Weeks after hennaing your hair you notice that it is still shining with a healthy natural looking gloss even when your every-day hair care routine has not changed.

What is possible with henna?

You can have healthy, shiny, beautiful red hair which looks and feels natural

Blondes and brunettes can have a stunning natural red head look colour, permanently, and affordably.

You can gain vibrant red tones, cover grey and super condition black African or Asian hair all in one go – without going anywhere near harsh chemicals

What do you need to know?

The real trick is buying high quality henna products that are fresh and free from additives:

  • Avoid products that have been stored on a hot shelf for ages, as this reduces the effectiveness of the henna dye
  • Avoid henna products which do not state the ingredient ‘Lawsonia Inermis’ on the pack
  • Look for henna that is vaccuum packed and sealed
  • Look for a vendor with a strong track record in supplying henna and who is able to answer your questions
  • Buy ‘Body Art Quality’ (BAQ) henna which means it is of the finest quality. Henna for hair has not been sifted as well and may contain small twigs etc.

You can buy high quality natural henna to dye your hair now!!! Hennacat has carefully sourced high quality henna powder from around the world




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