Shiny hennaed red hair from Hennacat henna shop

Using commercial chemical hair dye means your body may absorb some of the chemicals, and therefore may not be completely safe to use when pregnant.

Unfortunately research on using chemical hair dyes when pregnant is limited so why take the risk when there is a completely safe alternative….

Henna hair dye!

Natural henna, derived solely from the plant, and with no added chemicals, is completely safe to use on your hair or on your skin whilst you’re pregnant. It gives your hair a semi-permanent colour, and is available in a number of earthy shades. The more you use it the better it looks. Select your dye carefully, and make sure that the dye you are using is 100% natural henna.

To buy henna for hair, go here. Our secure online henna shop has all the supplies you need! To talk to a henna for hair expert get in touch with hennacat through the contact form.

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