Henna for hair: Difference between adding Amla and Cassia to Henna

Henna for hair: Difference between adding Amla and Cassia to Henna

Both Cassia and Amla have no dye content when used alone, but can however assist the hair in taking other herbal dyes.

Below is a comparison of the two herbal powders:

  Amla Cassia
What is it?


Amla powder is from the dried and ground fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree.


Cassia is a plant grown in east Africa and India, the powder is made from the leaves.


How does it benefit hair?


Works as a great volumiser and curl enhancer.


Makes an excellent hair conditioner making your hair soft and shiny, with a healthy scalp.


Will it colour my hair?


Alone it does not dye the hair but can brighten blonde hair, and helps gain different colours when mixed with other herbal dyes.


It will condition darker hair without changing the colour and can add a golden sheen to grey or white hair.


What colour is achieved mixed with henna? Tones down the red and creates a deeper, browner tone. When mixed with henna it can bring out the brightness, or can help gain different colours.


Cassia and amla

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