Decanting henna into cones or applicator bottles

Decanting henna into cones or applicator bottles

So now you have mixed your henna you need to decant it into cones!

You can make a large cone from the same material that you make your small cones with. Or you can buy some ‘big blue’ cones from me to use. They make decanting henna into applicators a lot easier and a lot less messy! The ‘big blue’ cones can also be used to store henna in your fridge or freezer. I am able to fit a 100g henna mix into a big blue and have enough cone to tie a knot in the end.

  1. Spoon the henna mix into the large cone. I turn the top of the large cone down so that I can get the henna right down to the bottom of the cone. It is really good to have an assistant help you at this point by holding the cone, but if you don’t have an assistant you can set the cone into a jug to keep the cone open and the sides upright.
  2. Once you have filled up your large cone with henna, push the henna down the cone as best you can and then either fold and seal the top, use an elastic band to seal the top, or ties a knot in the end.
  3. If you are storing your henna in the freezer, label it, wrap it and store it. If you are using the henna straight away, continue on.
  4. Snip the end off the large cone, giving a hole about 0.5cm wide.
  5. Push the large cone into the small cone as far as you can and then squeeze some henna into the small cone. Aim to get the small coneĀ  just over half full.
  6. Fold and seal the top of the small cone either with sellotape or an elastic band.
  7. Snip the end of the small cone when you are ready to use it. Put a small amount of henna on you, somewhere you can leave it unsmudged for about 15 minutes (I draw a flower on the back of my hand and a dot on the inside of my wrist). After 15 minutes take it off. There should be a bright orange stain, the sign that your henna brew has been successful.
  8. Start hennaing yourself and other people!

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