Henna for hair: Client Case Study – Coraline and the epic quest for a pretty stawberry blonde

Henna for hair: Client Case Study – Coraline and the epic quest for a pretty stawberry blonde

coraline hennacat hair 3Coraline has a lot of thick long hair which had previously been treated to lighten and then highlight it. It was a natural blonde colour, but with lighter sections on top and much darker sections underneath.

This hair dying session turned epic, but was worth it!

Coraline chose a very pretty strawberry blonde colour which meant a henna / indigo mix treatment (first…….). I underestimated the amount of paste we would need so popped home to get three more packets of everything.  I made a standard henna and indigo mix treatment with tea and applied it straight away, and we left it on for an hour.

We rinsed it out, and I wasn’t happy with the result. The colour was a darker blonde colour, but without the pretty strawberry tones we were looking for. I suspect the layers of previous chemical treatments interacted and gave an unexpected result. So I then applied a henna only treatment which we left on for an hour.

Coraline had such a lot of hair and it was so thick that it took a while to apply the treatment thoroughly, but it was a lovely evening with a very nice bottle of wine!

The results were stunningly beautiful – one of the prettiest colours I have seen – and well worth the evening spent getting it just right! All these photos are the finished results – isn’t the hair gorgeous and shiny?

coraline hennacat hair 2

And here is a close up on the multitude of tones we got as a result of her previous treatments.

coraline hennacat hair 4

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