Cassia for hair: More about Cassia

Cassia for hair: More about Cassia

Cassia powder looks a bit like henna, and is sometimes known as “colourless henna” or ” blonde henna” But cassia is not henna – it comes from a totally different plant.

The Cassia Obovata plant, with over 400 species, is grown in India, Egypt and Nubia. The leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into a powder for natural hair care, colouring, and conditioning.

If cassia is mixed into a paste and used immediately it has a conditioning effect, making hair silky, thick, and lustrous and helps keep your scalp healthy, just as henna does.

If Cassia is soaked in lemon juice it can give a golden tint to blonde, light grey or light-coloured hair.

As with all natural hair colourants the colour is different on different people’s hair and a strand test is necessary first to avoid a surprise.

You can mix cassia with a small amount of henna to achieve a strawberry blonde colour.

Cassia on its own is not a very strong blonde colour.  Mixing Cassia with Henna gives the cassia more depth of colour. Soaking both the cassia and henna together in something naturally acidic is necessary to bring out this colour effect.

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