Why use Cassia powder?

Why use Cassia powder?







Cassia obovata is just like henna but has a different light golden dye molecule which gives a lovely lustre to pale coloured hair.

When you mix this green leaf powder with warm liquid it has a strong smell similar to that of mowed grass, and can give you all the benefits of henna without the colour results on darker hair tones (and it won’t stain your hands!)

Hennacat’s certified organic fine cassia powder from Rajasthan:

  • Gives you soft, shiny and healthy looking hair
  • Improves the look of damaged hair (e.g. bleached, heat damaged) making it look thick and silky
  • Adds a beautiful golden sheen to dull or grey blonde hair
  • Cassia can help to bring out the brightness of hennaed hair, or help to gain different colours when used with henna

Cassia won’t make your hair lighter, if your hair is darker than pale blonde, but it will improve the texture and condition.

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