Bridal mehndi (henna) is one of the oldest and most widespread henna traditions.

The use of mehndi is considered to be auspicious for weddings and other occasions in most Eastern countries. It has therefore become an inseparable part of the rituals.

You will see a lot of women in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh wearing henna temporary tattoos on their hands and feet.

In some countries mehnbridaldi is traditionally applied by the brides during weddings, as it is said to be a sign of prosperity that bring happiness and good luck.

However as the paste can take several hours to apply, most brides get it applied 1-3 days before the wedding to allow the henna stain time to mature and deepen and also to allow them more time for the days festivities.

In India it is tradition to have the henna application as a pre wedding ritual, often on the eve of the wedding. This mehndi ceremony would have a professional henna artist or a family member apply the mehndi to the bride’s feet and hands.

Traditionally the groom’s initials are hidden in the pattern. The groom must search for the initials on the wedding night and if he can’t find them he must give a gift to his new bride.

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