Henna for hair: Benefits of Henna on Afro Hair

Henna for hair: Benefits of Henna on Afro Hair

Fays henna on airHenna is a wonderful treatment for naturally curly hair, here is a run through of some of the favourite reasons to use henna:

  • The big hair look – Henna can build up on hair and some people note that it gives hair additional thickness giving that wonderful big hair look.
  • A hint of red – henna can colour brown/black hair with a red tint that is noticeable in sunlight.
  • Loosens tight curls – The weight of henna build up can cause curls to loosen which is a benefit to some.
  • Want all the effects without the red colour? – use henna mixed with indigo for dark shiny non-red locks.  Or Cassia which won’t colour dark hair, it’s a different plant to henna but has a great conditioning effect.
  • Conditioning – it binds to the hair making it stronger and smoother.  It also covers grey hair and gets rid of dandruff whilst giving a lovely shine and shimmer.
  • Permanent and covers grey – It is permanent and with regular application, easy to intensify the colour especially on grey hair.
  • Safe and non-damaging (to you or the environment!) – It is plant based, safe and natural to use. No chemicals.

A great website to check out is called Curly Nikki, for anyone with naturally kinky, coily hair www.curlynikki.com .  Nikki discovered Henna some years ago and has been using it ever since, her site has evolved into an invaluable resource for anyone
interested in henna.

For a case study and great henna recipe check out this article on Hennacat https://hennacat.com/blog/henna-on-afro-hair To buy henna for hair or to find out more information contact Hennacat here. Our secure online henna shop has all the supplies you need!

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