Bad henna – Free poster: Stop! What is in your henna?

Bad henna – Free poster: Stop! What is in your henna?

Introduction to bad henna

All sorts of horrible things can be added to bad henna paste for several reasons:

  • It is supposedly ‘traditional’
  • It is what you have been taught to do
  • A misguided attempt to make up for shortcomings in henna powder or technique by adding compounds that are not designed for use on human skin


The worst offender is ‘PPD’ or P-Phenylenediamine a very allergenic chemical added to hair dyes, especially those on the black / brown range. More information about PPD can be found on wikipedia and the henna page.

Other things that are added to bad henna include:

  • ammonia
  • dry cleaning fluid
  • Azo dyes

Free poster

Here is a free A4 sized poster listing some of the nasties that can be found lurking in some bad henna products:  Stop! What is in your henna?

To find out how to get great colour from your henna please buy 100% natural henna and take a look at my recipe here.

Other freebies include:

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