This easy to follow video  guide: A relaxing hand and arm massage will show you how to perform a hand an arm massage aimed at relaxing and rejuvenating these areas. It is ideal for artists, henna artists, typists – anyone who has tired hands and arms.

You will need

  1. Massage oil, or hand cream.
  2. A towel
  3. Somewhere comfortable to sit.


  1. Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any dirt, or debris.
  2. Take off any watches, bracelets or rings you don’t want to get oil or hand cream on. Make sure you put them somewhere safe.
  3. Drape your towel and around your lap, chest, and the sides of your body, making sure that you won’t get oil or cream on your clothes.
  4. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Scan your hands and arms and notice where you feel tension or stiffness.

Apply oil

  1. Being by spreading oil over your thumbs, fingers, hands and arms, up to your elbows. Don’t press too hard.

Arm spreads

  1. Hold your left arm close to your left elbow with your right thumb towards you and facing upwards, gently squeeze the muscles between your fingers and thumb. Move up your arm to your wrist, and then begin again from the elbow. Now bring your right hand around behind your left arm. And repeat the squeezing movement on this side of your left arm.
  2. Repeat six times.
  3. Repeat six times on your right arm.

Step 5: Thumb striping

  1. Now take your left hand in your right hand with your right thumb at your wrist with your thumb straight. Run your thumb up to the elbow then rotate your left arm so the back of your left hand is towards you and draw your thumb back up to your wrist.
  2. Swap hands and repeat on your right arm. This feels a little clumsy at first but with practice is can become a smooth motion.
  3. Repeat six times on each arm.

Thumb circles

  1. Hold your left hand in your right hand, with your palm upwards.
  2. Gently make circles in the left palm with your right thumb. Move along the fingers with smaller circles. Focus on any areas that feel tense. Remember to keep your touch light. Only use gentle pressure if it feels good. If it hurts, don’t use any pressure.
  3. Turn the left hand over and gentle circle with your right thumb, on the back of your left wrist, the back of your left hand and the back of your fingers. Again focus on any areas that feel tense.

Finger massage

  1. Gently massage the base of your left thumb with your right thumb, using small thumb circles.
  2. Then gently pinch the left thumb between your right thumb and fingers all the way along the thumb, squeeze the sides of the nail and then ‘pinch’ the fingers off the thumb.
  3. Now change hands and repeat along the right thumb. Continue alternating hands until you’ve massaged every finger.

Wrist rotation

  1. Twirl your wrists one way, then the other.


  1. With both hands, continue to stoke your hands and arms as if you were applying moisturiser. Then rub the hands and fingers together generating heat. Allowing the pressure to become lighter and lighter.


  1. Relax your hands down on to your lap and fold your towel over them. Let your arms and hands relax for a few moments. And notice how your arms and hands are feeling now after their massage.

Thank you for reading and watching!

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